New Life Center for Men

Addiction is the devil’s playground…and our New Life Program is God’s battleground for men trapped in addiction.  Our New Life Program offers hope through Jesus Christ to men seeking long term help in their fight with drug addiction, alcoholism or similar areas of struggle.  We offer two options

  • 6 month program
  • 1 year program (recommended for hardcore addicts)

Like all Gateway programs, our New Life Program is offered at no cost to the person in need.  We don’t believe “recovery” should be only for those who can afford high dollar treatment centers.  Yet, recovery does come at a cost…death to your old self.  Just as Christ died on the cross for our sins, so must a person wrestling with addiction die to himself or herself.

Our New Life Center in Simpson County offers men the opportunity to spend quality team rebuilding their lives through the power of the Gospel to save and restore.  It’s not a cakewalk, but the result is worth the journey.

Our New Life Program offers Christian hope to men in bondage to addiction. Many come to us who are addicted and have no other place to go. Our New Life Program offers these men the opportunity to recover through Jesus Christ. Our motto: Stick with it, don´t quit it, pretty soon, you´ll get it!! The program lasts one year, with some men electing to stay longer.

  • Two Phases
    Phase I : Each man spends the first month of the New Life Program at our mission in Jackson. During this phase, a man has the chance to get his head on straight. It´s sort of like the Prodigal Son taking those first steps of the journey back home.
    Phase II : After Phase I, the men are transferred to our New Life Center in Simpson county. During this time, we focus on the following areas:
  • Family reunification, when possible
  • Life skills, such as:
    – Nutrition
    – Marriage and Family
    – Forgiveness
    – Personal Development
  • Chapel and Bible Studies
  • Spiritual development
  • Educational assistance-The opportunity to take GED classes