Some of our work at Gateway Rescue Mission can be mundane.  Like any job, some work that isn’t flashy just has to be done. I recently said as much at a small seminar one afternoon.  A lady sitting next to me said “you’re at Gateway Mission, right?”  I answered a simple yes.

She proceeded to tell me that in her life she has worked with numerous people in recovery.  She said “I’ve had so many people in support groups talk about how Gateway Rescue Mission was part of their journey to recovery.”

Now, the phrase I had used, just to make a point, was something like “sometimes I get tired of worrying whether we’ll have enough green beans for lunch on Sunday.”  This gal made sure that I knew those green beans are important.  With tears in her eyes, she emphasized that I should never think what we do is just another day at the office.

Folks, sometimes we don’t see the full picture at Gateway Rescue Mission.  We are at ground level and see people in full crisis mode.  Often times, we don’t see them on down the road when they are getting back on their feet.

I was frankly surprised, and a bit humbled, at the raw emotion she exhibited.  Another lady at the table asked “so, do y’all need green beans for lunch on Thursday?”  I assured her we had lunch covered, that I was just making a point.  She responded that she’d love to get her office workers involved in helping out at Gateway.

By the way, we go through lots of groceries, including green beans.  And we see lots of people with lots of problems.  But sometimes it takes a friend to say, quit focusing on the negative.  The work you’re doing matters.

For the readers of this humble blog, know this.  You may feel like what you’re doing doesn’t matter.  But we don’t always see the end product.  We just see our part in the process.  God sees the big picture, so stay positive and keep your hands to the plow.  And for the record, our cooks can stir up a mean batch of green beans, seasoned with bacon like grandma used to make.