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Hello from Downtown Jackson,
Rescue mission life is real life played out in real time. We deal with broken people in all their messiness, and we reap the joy of seeing God work miracles.
Gateway Rescue Mission is a place where fallen people minister a perfect Gospel to other fallen people. I like to think that if Jesus physically showed up in Jackson, Mississippi, He´d drop by Gateway Rescue Mission.
Why? Because Jesus had this thing about hanging out with the wrong crowd. He associated with corrupt tax collectors, loose women, lepers…even Samaritans. He regularly shot off His mouth at the religious establishment.
So yes, I think Jesus just might show up today at a crack house, have dinner with a leading drug dealer, or visit a rescue mission. If Jesus would do this, what should we do if we claim to be like Him?
I´m far from perfect and fail daily in my feeble attempts to be like Christ. But I can read, and therefore know that Jesus says “as much as you´ve done it unto the least of these brothers of Mine, you´ve done it unto Me.” That´s what we do at Gateway Rescue Mission.
We feed hungry people, shelter the homeless, and work to restore the broken and addicted through the love of Christ. It´s our calling as an organization. It´s why we exist. We have staff who labor outside the spotlight because it´s their calling in life.
Rescue ministry is not glamorous. It´s front-line, dirt under your fingernails combat with lives hanging in the balance. I´ve seen people come through our doors who are dead today because of drugs. I´ve also seen people come through here who are today married with children, employed and living a stand-up Christian life.
And when we all get to heaven, I know there will be a group around the throne who came to Jesus at Gateway Rescue Mission. Thank you for your interest in our ministry. Please tour our website to find out more about God´s work at Gateway Rescue Mission. Please pray about becoming involved with us.
Rex Baker
Rex Baker
Executive Director
Rex was born and raised in the hill country of Pontotoc County in Northeast Mississippi.  He’s married, with two daughters, two dogs, and two cats.  Rex is an avid Ole Miss Rebel fan and alumnus. (but he understands that around God’s throne will be “fans of every school.”) After a career in television news, God called Rex to Gateway Rescue Mission in 1998.  He became Executive Director in 2003.  He’s also a graduate of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, a history buff, loves to read, and plays keyboards in his church band. He currently serves as the president of the Southern District of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions.

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