Our mission is to offer life changing hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to homeless men, women, and children through programs to deliver food, shelter, counseling and discipleship.

One morning a disabled man subsisting on Social Security Disability walks from his personal care home to Gateway Rescue Mission for lunch.  At our mission, he eats spaghetti, green beans, corn and bread…his best meal of the day.  Across the street from our humble mission, ladies visiting the homeless health clinic walk over and join us for lunch.  Some people who live on the streets drop by for perhaps their only meal for the day.

That afternoon, a man signs up for a bed in our shelter.  A lady goes through her initial intake interview for acceptance into our women’s program.  A guy coming from prison joins our New Life Program, at the same time as an alcoholic suffering from advanced liver disease joins our ranks.

In all of this, God is at work.  He hears the prayer uttered in a jail cell, in an abandoned house, the prayer of a desperate mother seeking help for her son, or the simplistic prayer of thanks offered by a mentally challenged person who volunteers to say grace over our noon meal.  God sovereignly answers those prayers by guiding those individuals to Gateway Rescue Mission.

On the best day we ever had, we can’t save anyone.  It’s God’s job to do the saving.  But it’s our job to be a vessel.  That’s what we are at Gateway Rescue Mission…God’s vessel to pour out His mercy on those whom He will show mercy right here in Jackson Mississippi.

At Gateway Rescue Mission, Jesus has not appeared to us in a vision.  We have not heard the voice of an an angel or awakened to stone tablets containing God’s commands next to our bed.  But we see the need, and the need is the call.  We hear the quiet, still voice of the Holy Spirit commanding us to be a light in an increasingly dark world.  We heed that voice because that’s what God told us to do.  Jesus does the saving.  We simply obey.


Did you know that we serve about 300 meals a day, or that on any given night we give shelter to 100 people or more, and that we now operate 6 facilities and cover 3 counties?

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